The world, and Serbia as its inseparable part, has came into the sphere of an increasing acceleration and complication of technological and informatic, social, economic, financial, organizational, political, security, demographic, ecological, psychological and cultural processes with greater implications for the individuals, nationalities, countries and world community. “Globalization” is a term which should illustrate all new changes. Therefore, CGS was named after it. It is paradoxical that with faster accumulation of knowledge, information and data in information civilization, the synthesis on macro level becomes less and that the accuracy of synthetic conclusion on socium and an individual is considerably unreliable. After the break down of great utopias of the 20th century, now we have a need for new global visions which will show the direction of the mankind movement.

Having all this in mind, the future of mankind is in the process of creating a global community, which is socially responsible and organizationally capable of overcoming future challenges.

It is obvious that without a sense for trends of world development the optimal formulation of mission, vision, strategy and aims of the social orientation of Serbia and the Balkans is not possible, as well as scientifically based alternative directions of further development.

Serbia and the Balkans are in the late transition that is characterized with the unstable internal economic and political situation - burdened by the national extremism and intolerance, and followed by strong corruption, deep moral crisis in all segments of society and with continuous personnel turbulence and changes in public life.

Taking into consideration all the above-mentioned, the interest in the future has to be greater than the interest in the past no matter how important and didactic our and world's history is. Respecting the achievements from the past, but not without determining present national and regional interests and the overall concept of social development, is the goal per se. In that sense, our and regional cooperation with the world under the conditions of globalization means to enlighten the paths and even the darkest tunnels of the way to the future.

Therefore, it is not difficult to establish that the future of our country and the Balkans region and the quality of life of our people will depend on quality and rate of the adaptation of individuals and institutions to dynamics of changes determined by globalization. Without the appropriate strategic planning and action in that way, it is unlikely to provide continuity and optimal way of adaptations. The least we can do is to try to contribute as much as we can through the Center, so that our people, our country and the whole region would be a decent part of the Euro-Atlantic civilization and in that way to establish a necessary internal harmony for a new developmental spiral of our society.