International cooperation

International cooperation and membership in

organizations important for the Center's activity



The Center has developed international activity seen in numerous contacts all over the world with prestigious scientific research institutions and eminent experts from the world of science, politics, economics and safety intelligence community. Apart from that, a close cooperation with a number of institutes has been achieved in the sphere of combat against terrorism. In that sense, the Center is one of the founders of the International Counter-Terrorism Academic Community – ICTAC, founded in Athens, in February 2004. At the same time, this is a pioneering attempt in the world to enable the approaching, strengthening of cooperation and mutual activity of prominent people and institutions in the process of confronting the global challenge embodied in terrorism, apart from the official government channels. From this cooperation we have many studies and analyses as well as participation in the world’s eminent conferences in Israel, the USA, Greece, Brussels, etc.

In addition, CGS and its director Assistant Professor Dejan S. Miletic, PhD, have become part of the Mediterranean Council for Intelligence Studies – MCIS, founded in Italy in 2009. MCIS represents even more avant-garde project and more unusual group of experts and institutions, gathered under the idea of secure life in the world without borders and with the need to nurture and keep the system of values of our civilization, even at the risk that such transparent cooperation can bring. The need for undisturbed, direct and bureaucratically released communication is a special innovation and imperative per se, if there is a consensus to move towards the world in which human rights, democracy and market economy are not brought into question.

CGS is a member of the international associations and activist groups for planetary unification and world peace:

  • Global People Assembly – San Francisco, from 1998
  • International Peace Bureau – The Hague, since 1999
  • The Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World, since 2000